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Guidance for self-published authors

There are around 10,000 children’s books published each year in the UK. Our stock is carefully selected with the aim of helping children become lifelong readers, who turn to books for pleasure, escape, knowledge and inspiration. Schools are our biggest customers. We stock classics as well as new titles and work closely with publishers to find the very best.

We cannot accept any self published book for sale in the shop. We do not have the space to store self published books and do not have the facilities or staff time to dedicate to the administration involved with selling self published books

We support independent publishers but do not have the capacity to deal with the extra admin involved in ordering directly from authors. Like many bookshops, we order from publishers and wholesalers. If your book is stocked by Gardners we can quickly reorder once it has sold. You can contact Gardners directly if you wish to have your book listed with them

We encourage budding authors and illustrators to visit the shop to look at examples of traditionally published books within your chosen category or genre of books and welcome you to visit the bookshop to do this. We will be happy to suggest books for you to look at and offer you coffee and biscuits whilst you browse.

If you are a writer there is some great advice available from the Booksellers Association, Writer’s and Artist’s, and the National Centre for Writing about every stage of the publishing process from finding an agent to seeking a publishing deal. We can also recommend the Children’s Writers’ and Artists’ Year Book for any unpublished author seeking advice and guidance about the road to publication. The guide is full of industry contacts and has a wide range of articles from leading authors and publishing industry professionals packed with practical information, inspiration and guidance you need at every stage of your waiting and publishing journey. We are able to order this in for you if you would like us to.

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