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Before & After Library Photos

Click above to see our Library Team in Action!


If your library is not exciting your pupils or supporting your staff in their teaching Marilyn will be pleased to visit and provide a detailed written report as to how your library can be revived.


If you would prefer, she may be able to carry out her assessment via Zoom or from photos of your existing library.

Marilyn is a professional Librarian and is fully conversant with current educational standards and needs. Her report, as well as commenting on your book stock, will include suggestions on layout, shelving etc. as appropriate.

Perhaps you need to update your fiction collection with the latest and best titles,

or to replace out of date information books.

Marilyn can pre-select books and install them for you.
Non-fiction will be delivered Dewey classified and labelled.
She will also classify and label your existing non-fiction.

If you use Junior Librarian or Libresoft we can barcode and add new titles to your database remotely thereby shortening the installation time and minimising disruption.

If you don't need a personal visit from Marilyn, and visiting the Book Centre is impractical, you may like to consider requesting an approval collection. Let us know your budget and we will send you an excess for you to select from. As with all school orders we offer free delivery/collection and a 10% discount.

If you would like Marilyn to pre-select for you just let us know your budget and subject/age requirements. If you subsequently find that you have duplicate titles we will accept any returns (unstamped please!).

All the books that we supply are 'hand-picked' and of good quality.
Please phone 01263 761402 to discuss your requirements.


The biggest and most expensive decision is with regard to library furniture.

Shelf height and distances apart should comply with health and safety regulations for libraries i.e. you need to ensure that shelving is at the right height and has the right amount of space around and between the shelves, and that it is properly secured to the wall.

Shelves should be fully adjustable. IKEA shelving with a fixed middle shelf is not suitable, nor is deep shelving that allows book-stock to drift to the back. Fiction shelves should offer books at the lip of the shelf, and information book shelving needs to be deep, and tall enough for all but the very tallest books.

It’s preferable to choose shelving where the shelves adapt from bookshelf to display shelf very simply, allowing for fluctuations in stock. Face out display is important.

Beware of gaudy and flimsy furniture incorporating gimmicks like shelf-chairs, ladders, towers and tunnels, as well as ridiculous curved shelving and impossibly high book trees that always look untidy. These innovations are expensive and often cause behaviour problems and divert attention from the wonderful books.

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