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We specialise in providing approval collections of good quality to your specification.

The best way to select books is to hold them in your hand and look at the content. If you also have confidence that you have been presented with the best of currently available titles from a variety of publishers you can know that you have spent your budget in as effective a way as possible.

Let us know your topic, age range and budget and we will send you a hand-picked collection. Normally we send you an excess quantity, so that you can choose the most suitable.

Some schools request general fiction collections by age,

while others are quite specific about subject matter and ability level.

Phone 01263 761402 and tell us what you need to see.

After making your selection, mark off the books you are keeping

on the list provided and phone us to arrange collection of the remainder.
You can place an order for extra copies at the same time if needed.

We will invoice your school allowing 10% discount.
Delivery and collection are free of charge.


We love a challenge!

America, Ancient Greece, Anglo-Saxons, Art, Audiobooks, Bereavement, Christmas, Classic Fiction, Dictionaries, Dinosaurs, Disabilities, Diversity, Dual Language, EAL, Egyptians, Equality, Explorers, Families, Feelings, Food, Gender, Geography, Grammar, Graphic Novels, Guided Readers, Habitats, Health & Fitness, High Interest Low Ability, History, Maps & Atlases, Maths, Mayans, Multicultural, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, Philosophy, PHSE, Pirates, Plays, Prizes, Rainforests, Refugees, Religion, Rivers, Romans, Science, Seaside, Seasons, SEN, Short Stories, Sound, Space, Speech & Language, Spelling, Stone Age, Thesauruses, Transport, Values, Vikings, Wordless Picture Books, World Wars, Writing


No subject too obscure!

Aborigines, Adoption, Africa, Aliens, Anger, Animals, Anthologies, Arabic, Archaeology, Artists, Australia, Autism, Battle of Hastings, Behaviour, Bengali, Bibles, Biographies, Black History, Board Books, Body, British Wildlife, Buildings, Bullying, Cancer, Celebrations, Celts, Chinese New Year, Chocolate, Circus, Citizenship, Coasts, Coding, Colours, Communities, Construction, Courage, Creativity, Cultural Identity, Curiosity, Deployment, Detectives, Disasters, Divali, Divorce, Dogs, Dragons, Drama, Dreams, Dyslexia, Earth, Easter, Electricity, Emergency Services, Empathy, Endangered Animals, Engineering, England, Environment, Evolution, Fair Trade, Farming, Fears, Film, Firefighters, Fireworks, Forces, Forests, Fossils, Foxes, France, Friends, Gardening, Gardens, Germany, Great Fire of London, Harvest, Holidays, Hospitals, Houses, Humanism, Illness, India, Invaders, Inventions, Iron Age, Islam, Islands, Japan, Joke Books, Justice, Kenya, Kings & Queens, Life Cycles, Lifestyles, Lithuanian, London, Mandarin, Materials, Medieval Times, Mental Health, Mexico, Micro Organisms, Migration, Monsters, Mountains, Moving House, Museums, Native Americans, Nature, Normans, Norway, OCD, Olympics, Online Safety, Outdoor Learning, PE, Penguins, Perseverance, Plants, Polar Regions, Polish, Politics, Pop-Up & Lift the Flap, Portuguese, Potty Training, Puberty, Puzzles & Quizzes, Racism, Recycling, Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, Road Safety, Romanian, Schools, Sci-Fi, Seals, Seas & Oceans, Seeds, Self Esteem, Senses, Settlements, Sex Education, Shakespeare, Shona, Sleep, Solar System, Spanish, Spirituality, Sport, Squirrels, Stranger Danger, Stuarts, Super Heroes, Tagalog, Technology, Teeth, Thai, Thankfulness, Time, Time Travel, Tolerance, Touchy Feely, Toys, Travel, Trolls, Trust, Tudors, Turkish, Twins, Victorians, Volcanoes, Weather, Wild West, Witches & Wizards, Women, Worrying & Zoos!

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